Revolutionise Your Canal Boats Log Burner

Introducing The Coalcage

We are now stocking the Coalcage, a free-standing, Free Standing burning retaining cage for use within multi-fuel stovesopen ended, coal burning retaining cage for use within multi-fuel stoves. The cage enables the multi-fuel stove user to safely establish an optimum radiant heat by creating a deep fire bed of appropriate multi-fuel stove coal.


The coal self-feeds as it burns, ensuring efficient combustion with no waste. It also promotes easy fire starting by helping to contain the kindling material prior to the addition of the coal. Use of the Coalcage also avoids hot spots occurring within the stove and stove sides, promoting optimum stove life.
The mesh and grate size is suitable for multi-fuel stoves, typically around 4-6 KW.

How to use

Place the Coalcage centrally in your multi-fuel stove. Place your fire lighter/kindling material into the Coalcage with a few pieces of coal. Once lit and burning freely, place more coal into the Coalcage and allow the fire to further establish itself. You can then control the burn rate with your stove's vents.
Made in the UK from stainless steel for optimum life span.

Dimensions Of Coalcage

Height: 127mm
Diameter at base: 190mm
Diameter at top: 152mm
Coalcage Dimensions