Rope Fenders

Rope Fender sets

Traditional rope fenders for canal narrow boats and barges handmade for you in the scenic Peak District. Trafalgar Marine supply narrow boat fenders for the bow, stern and sides of your canal boat.

The majority of our products are made from standard black polypropylene rope but we do supply manila coloured Sisal alternatives.

We believe that Trafalgar Marine make some of the toughest wearing traditional rope fenders available.

Out of the four thousand boat fenders supplied only two have ever been returned. This does not include the 12,000+ rubber side fenders sold, none of which have been returned.

Rope Fender set

Stern fenders

  • Long button 
  • Tipcat (combined with a short or long button)

Bow fenders

  • Short button
  • V-Bow
  • U-Bow

If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us for a quote.

Side Fenders

Rope Fender Sets

Long Button Fenders

V Bow Fenders

Short Button Fenders

Tipcat Fenders

U Bow Fenders

Fender Cores

Make your own rope fenders with our unique rubber fender cores.