Natural Rope Fender - Tipcat

This Trafalgar Marine Tipcat fender is made from natural coloured polypropylene rope 14mm woven around a solid core.

Using bespoke moulds to create robust rubber cores ensures that products are of consistent size and quality. This means that you can be assured of a long life span and since the rubber comes from recycled tyres using these cores is also considered environmentally friendly.

The natural colour polypropylene rope is chosen for its quality, colour and durability. Many narrow boat enthusiasts and traditionalists prefer the natural look of these fenders. Using a natural colour synthetic rope gives you the look of a natural fender but with a longer lifespan. 

Tipcat fenders are meant to be attached to the back or stern of your canal boat. They are typically paired with a long button fender though other combinations e.g. tipcat, tipcat, short button are also frequently used. These fenders are ideal for boats with extended rudders.

This fender attaches to your canal boat with chains located on either side of the fender.


£77.83 ex vat

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Natural Rope Fender - Tipcat

Diameter at middle (Approx): 30 cm
Depth (Approx): 19 cm
Weight (approx): 12 Kg
Width (Approx): 55 cm


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