Natural Rope Fender - V Bow

Rope V Bow fender for canal narrow boat. Made from natural colour polypropylene rope 14mm woven around a solid rubber core. The core is made from recycled rubber and is guaranteed not to degrade over time. The rubber extends right down both legs ensuring a good solid fit around the bow.

These rope V Bow fenders provide more protection than the decorative U Bow fender because of the bespoke core.

The natural colour polypropylene rope has been chosen for its quality, colour and durability. Many canal narrow boat enthusiasts prefer the natural look of these traditional rope fenders. Using a synthetic rope ensures a longer lifespan than Sisal and Manila alternatives.

This rope V Bow fender attaches to the front or bow of your canal narrow boat. 


£72.83 ex vat

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Natural Rope Fender - V Bow

Depth (Approx): 40 cm
Diameter (Approx): 28 cm
Weight (Approx): 9 Kg


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