Six Side Fenders

Six side fenders made from extruded rubber. Exceptionally tough and hard wearing narrowboat side fenders.

The side fender attaches to your canal narrowboat or barge by a single black rope that passes right through the rubber tube. Each side fender has a steel washer at the bottom to prevent the rope pulling back through the rubber tube.

There is enough rope to attach these fenders at gunnel or handrail level.

To avoid any losses we advise that you to sail with side fenders up, deploying them only for mooring purposes.



£25.99 ex vat

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Six Side Fenders Six Side Fenders

Length - Fender (Approx): 34 cm
Diameter - Rope (Approx): 10 mm
Weight: 5.6 Kg
Diameter - Fender (Approx): 5.5 cm
Length - Rope (Approx): 250 cm


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