Rope Fender - Long Button

Traditional rope long button fender designed for canal boat. Made from black polypropylene rope woven around a solid rubber core. The core is made from recycled rubber and is guaranteed not to degrade over time.

Specially created for Trafalgar Marine the rope has a 14 mm medium lay, direct film construction.

This rope long button fender is meant to be attached to the back or stern of your canal boat. The long button fender attaches to the canal boat by three chain fittings that are interlocked and moulded right through the solid rubber core. If your canal boat has a large rudder you may want to combine the long button fender with a tipcat. 


£67.00 ex vat

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Rope Fender - Long Button

Depth (Approx): 36 cm
Diameter (Approx): 27 cm
Weight (Approx): 13 Kg


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