Mooring Rope, Black Softline 16mm

Black softline mooring rope 16mm. Ten metre length, eye and back spliced for ease of use.

Softline is a Synthetic rope that is extremely soft and flexible, this means that it is easy to coil up and throw.  It is made from a variety of materials (multi filament) so it feels smoother compared with other plastic based ropes e.g. normal polypropylene rope, synthetic hemp.  

Ideal mooring rope for barge or widebeam canal boat as it floats but does not rot.  It has also been UV stabilised, ensuring that it will not decompose in direct sunlight.

For most canal narrowboats the 14mm Softline mooring ropes are recommended as they are slightly easier to handle especially if you've got small studs. 


£15.70 ex vat

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Mooring Rope, Black Softline 16mm

Breaking Strain: 3,770 kilos
Length: 10M
Diameter: 16mm


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