How to open a coil of rope

Posted On 26/06/2009

Opening a coil of rope  Twisted ropes are constructed in three stages.

  • First, natural or synthetic fibers are spun into yarn.
  • A number of these yarns are then twisted together forming strands.
  • These strands are then twisted together to produce the finished rope.

The twist of the yarn is opposite to that of the strand, and that in turn is opposite to that of the rope. This counter-twisting keeps the rope together.

Rope constructed in this manner will untwist under tension, which is the cause of spinning and kinking. Any rope of this type must be bound at both ends to prevent untwisting.

Using a rope spinnerTwisted ropes have a preferred direction for coiling. Normally right laid rope should be coiled clockwise to prevent kinking.

to succsefully open a coil of rope

  • first figure out which way up the coil should be so that the rope comes out anticlockwise. 
  • Then cut the banding or rope that holds the coil together.  
  • Pull the rope anticlockwise from the center of the coil

Alternatively you could build a spinner. A spinner allows you to pull rope from the outside of the coil and comes in very useful for larger coils of rope.